Upcoming shows:

Friday, November 15 at the Rake's End with ADM and Yateveo

Past shows:


Friday September 27 at Gallery Cabaret in Chicago with Renegade Lightning Rebellion and Matthew Shelton

Saturday September 28 at Earphoria with Matthew Shelton

Sunday, September 29 at MOTR with Third Seven and Classical Revolution

:::::Friday, September 13 at Rohs Street Cafe  ::: antiv CD RELEASE with towl and Matthew Shelton  :::::

Friday, August 30 at Mainstay with Mouth of the Architect and Smoke Signals

Wednesday August 21 at MOTR with Us, Today

Saturday August 3 at Southgate House Revival with The Mitchells

Friday, August 2 at the Comet with Jetlab, UFOhio, and John Kuber

Sunday, July 14 at MOTR Pub with Healing Trapeze

Sunday, June 16 at Mayday with Graph Rabbit and The Mitchells

Tuesday, May 21 at the Comet with A Pinecone, Kyle Shibinski & Alex York, and C-Storm

Sunday, May 26 at MOTR Pub opening for the Ted Clark After Dark talk show

Friday, May 31 at Pike Street Lounge with Day Camp

Friday, February 8 at Three Kings Bar with Black Signal and Schadel

Thursday, January 3rd at Northside Tavern with Scot Torres of State Song


Friday, December 21st at The Rake's End with Old City and Xmas Car Crash

Saturday, November 17th at The Comet with Us, Today and The Alpine Ghost

Friday, October 12 at The Southgate House Revival for Cincy Punk Fest

Saturday, September 30 at Chase Public

Friday, August 3rd at Northside Tavern with Sea of Storms and The Kiss Me Everlasting

Friday, July 6th at Pike Street Lounge  with Bellows

Wednesday, June 6th at The Avenue Lounge & Patio  with Skeleton Hands

Thursday, May 10th at Occupy Cincinnati Community Warehouse

Saturday January 7th at Rohs Street Cafe  with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Grandpa Egg, and Healing Trapeze


Thursday, June 9th at the Comet with Horseback (Relapse Records) and Mala In Se

Saturday, June 18th at Mayday with Kellen and Me and Maya Banatwala

Sunday, July 3rd at the Northside Rock N' Roll Carnival   6:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 27th at Zola for the Feywill Music Festival  with Scot Torres of State Song and Karla W & Friends

Monday, August 29th at Daniels Pub with 1985, Autococoon (Seattle) and the Yugos

Saturday, September 3rd at CS13  with the Terminal Orchestra (Michigan) Phratry Records

Friday, September 9th at the Southgate House Parlour with Holy Beast and Skeleton Hands

Friday, September 23rd at the Segway Room for the Midpoint Unofficial Day Parties 5:45 p.m.